Saturday, February 20, 2010

Decision made

So, I did finally decide what I was going to do regarding what program I wanted to apply to. I decided the classes I am taking at EMU seem to be too K-12 oriented and that's not what I want so I am in the process of applying to the masters at Oklahoma. Today I finished my statement of purpose and goals to include with my application information so now all I need to do is print it off and mail it out to complete it. I'm pretty sure that's all they are waiting for. Then I just get to wait to see what happens. If I don't get in, then I'll just finish the specialist program here at EMU and then try again to find a job.

For another update, Shyla finished her antibiotics the vet gave us at the beginning of January to see if we could get rid of her cough. We did some x-rays and her lungs had a small cloudy spot, which the doctor wasn't sure if it was an infection that still hadn't gone away from when she was sick in August, scar tissue, or cancer. We tried to antibiotics for a good month and finished them last week. Nothing so far. Eventually I have to take her back to the vet to get checked out to see if the cloudy spot is gone or not. I'm hoping it's gone.

Ares was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and has been on medication. The doctor had us up his dosage of his pill to twice a day and he seems to finally be putting weight back on. You can't feel his ribs as much anymore, so that makes us happy. He also has to go back to the vet to get checked out again. I think he's doing better though too.

Besides going to school and my two jobs, I was sick for a couple weeks. I got the flu and as soon as I started getting better from that I got viral bronchitis. It totally sucked and I ended up going to the health center on campus to get medication. The bronchitis was causing problems with my asthma so that didn't help much either. Luckily, it's all gone except now I have laryngitis, which is a lot of fun when I'm trying to talk to tenants at the office or guests at Target. I've had that for over a week and it needs to go away. I'm hoping soon.

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