Thursday, August 29, 2013

Editing, Editing....

Things have not gone very far on the library job front. I am still looking for a full-time librarian position. I am currently filling my time with working part-time at a retail store and working on my book.

While I have posted a few chapters of the unfinished material on this blog, it has definitely changed so I hope that my friends and follows will read it when I finally get it published. I haven't decided how exactly I will do this publishing. It would be great to do it through an actual publisher but self-publishing seems so easy nowadays that I might just give it a try. It couldn't hurt right?

This is currently the first round of editing and will be sending it to a friend of mine to look over my edits to give me good suggestions on anything that should be changed. While I am also starting my own copy editing company, I believe that you should never edit your own work. Fresh eyes can pick up mistakes that you might not notice and can give a new perspective to the writing. I hope to have it done by December at least. I'll keep you all posted.