Saturday, January 28, 2012


I never make resolutions. I just don't see the point because people hardly ever keep them anyway. So instead I am making some changes. They are small changes but still changes. I'm doing these changes to see if I can stick with them and make other changes. Isn't that usually how it goes?

Change #1
-I am going to take my reusable Starbucks cup with me every day. I feel bad about the fact that I own two different reusable cups for iced drinks and last year I hardly ever took them with me so now I am making sure I do not leave the house without it (at least when going to work.)

Change #2
-Try to order healthier food when eating out. While we probably shouldn't be eating out as much as we do, I am trying to make an effort to order healthier stuff when we do. Last night we ate at Longhorn and I ordered from the under 500 menu. It was fabulous! I had salmon with fresh veggies and a house salad with raspberry vinaigrette. While the raspberry vinaigrette was good it was a little strong as I got to the bottom of the bowl and couldn't finish my salad. I might try some different vinaigrettes for when I make a salad at home.

Change #3
-Try to eat healthier when at home. The funny thing is that I don't really eat that much anyway but I think the stuff I am eating probably isn't very healthy. I have been trying to get healthier snacks and lunches for eating at home and at work.

Change #4
-Well, this really isn't a change. It's more like getting it finally accomplished. I am going to get my blood tested again this coming week so the doctor can finally start me on treatment for the Grave's Disease she believes I have. I think having the right medication will help me to start feeling better so I can start losing some weight. While I am happy that I have only gained 10 lbs since I finished my cancer treatments in 2004, I still need to lose at least 50. (Of course, most of that is my tatas anyway. ;)

Change #5
-Try to do a little bit of house cleaning every week. I am trying to keep the dishes washed (even when there is only a few dishes) as well as keeping the counters as clean as possible and trying to put stuff where it goes. I sometimes slack off on this during school semesters so I'm really going to try harder on this.

Those are the small changes that I can think of right now. After I get the whole health thing figured out (and buy some new tennis shoes) I am going to start working out again. The last time I did some major exercise, my lower back was killing me and I think it is because I need new shoes. We'll see how these changes go and maybe I can start making some others.

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