Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Okay I've what?

So, graduation was April 26th and I did get to walk, thanks to the generosity of some of my co-hort and co-workers. I had flown out to Colorado to interview for a position at a community college but it was not meant to be. I think the fact that I got stuck in that state for almost 24 hours more than I was supposed to be there was a cosmic sign of this. Oh well. I'm still filling out applications, checking out new areas of the country, and trying for a more permanent position than what I have right now. I love working for Target but I didn't spend all that money to be a cashier forever....might try for the corporate office though....that might be fun!

There have been ups and downs for the last couple weeks but now that all of my grades are finally into Registration, I'm breathing a little easier. I was worried I wouldn't get everything finished before the deadline but I did and it feels like a weight was lifted off of me. I am helping out at UA for the next month but might have to move in with mom for a little while and transfer to the Target in Flint, if they need another cashier for the summer. I'm hoping they do.

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  1. Target always needs cashiers! Glad you are enjoying your experience working there more than I did. Of course, my Target nightmare might have something to do with getting stuck working in the food area (it did pay better though).

    You will find the right job eventually. Sometimes it just takes a bit of looking.